• I slipped right, juked left, and found myself among the leaders. Then I came upon the mayor, who must have claimed a primo starting place. We could have a heart-to-heart…or I could beat him. I kept running.

    -Peter Sagal at the Austin P.O.W.E.R. of Life 5K

  • A proposed bill to disallow minors from running half-marathons and marathons just got defeated here in Hawaii. I’m amazed it was even drafted in the first place.

  • I definitely need to start plogging.

  • I still really miss Aaron Swartz. If you haven’t seen the documentary The Internet’s Own Boy, give it a watch.

  • Stress + rest = growth

    Forgetting this results in “why do my legs hurt this bad!?”

  • Can’t stop listening to Cults podcast. Really well-researched and production is great. Can’t believe the lengths people will go to for their delusions.

  • Has there been a successful “good news” website? Would love to find one that updates regularly with positive news stories and developments.

  • I really love Achievement. It’s an app that grabs your activity (steps and cardio) and sleep and gives you points towards actual cash in PayPal. No junk advertisements and no complications. 👍🏼

  • Does anyone know of an app that can serve as a training log? I use Garmin Connect and Strava for running and cycling, but I would love to have something that I could add strength and stretching workouts to. The simpler the better.

  • I don’t suppose there are many djent fans on here yet, but Disperse’s 2017 album Foreword is such a solid piece of music. It is a beautiful blend of ambient, pop, electronica, and heavy, shreddy guitar. 🎵

  • Just finished Running With Raven about Robert “Raven” Kraft, a Miami runner that has run 8 miles everyday for the last 40 years. Gentle reminder that we can all set greater expectations for ourselves. 📚

  • Second race of the year. Finished 19th overall and 1st in my age group again. Deja vu.

  • If health food companies could just stop putting stevia in everything, that would be great.

  • I like Cory Booker.

  • Brigsby Bear is my new favorite movie. Heart warmed.

  • A heartwarming write-up on Back on my Feet.

    The basic idea might sound familiar to any athlete: physical activity as a keystone habit for many other positive life changes. And BoMF’s model seems to be working.

  • Can’t get Black Mirror S4E1 out of my head. All the possible ending explanations are rattling around in my mind.

  • Read an NYT article on Tonya Harding and lost an hour watching videos of mid to late 90s Olympic figure skating. Didn’t expect that to happen.

  • Out on a run and we all got ballistic missle threat alert texts on our phones. Thankfully turned out to be a false alarm, but that was pretty scary for a little while.

  • Health, wellness, and fitness writing is best when it transcends the listicle.

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